We build facilities by providing engineering services in the fields of energy, industry and infrastructure, to the satisfaction of our clients, local community and all other participants.


The basic principles that underlie the realisation of our engineering services are as follows:

  • We make plans for the future of our company and implement them in accordance with sustainable development principles, promoting these principles to our clients and partners in Nigeria and throughout Africa.
  • We respect our clients and partners, employees, our shareholders and community as well as the environment we work in.
  • We apply the latest technologies and know-how, we continually improve and innovate our work process. We strive to achieve quality in the best possible way.
  • Accidents prevention and care for health & safety is our priority.
  • We are committed to protection of the environment in all aspects and to continual improvement in environmental protection.
  • We respect legal requirements and strive to contribute to poverty alleviation and general community development.
  • We encourage teamwork, openness and confidence and we value the knowledge based on diversity of background, experience and opinion.